Great News! You can get up to 1Gbps!

Zone Fibre Broadband

Full Fibre Broadband for hardcore internet users using multiple devices, link up as many devices as you want – it won’t impact the speed and reliability.

30x faster sounds fast, but exactly how fast?

Well, imagine you want to download the latest COD update, which is like 90GB. With a standard 10Mbps connection it’d take you about 20 hours.

With a Zone Fibre 300 connection, that same download would take less than 42 mintues, giving you just enough time to watch someone play it on Twitch!

Do More

Full Fibre Broadband helps you do more, from creating a smart home, uploading vlogs, gaming or watching funny cat videos.

Whether you’re working, watching, playing or managing your smart home, find out how Zone Fibre could help you do it better.