We’re bringing Full Fibre Broadband to Barlborough

We now need your help to make Full Fibre Broadband a reality

frustrated by your current broadband service?

Just imagine if everyone in your home was able to work, stream, download, game and browse as much as they wanted without having to worry about the connection. Finally you don’t have to!

Our Full Fibre Broadband is here to end all of those worries.

unlimited fun for everyone

Your home could be gaming, streaming, downloading, working and shopping all at the same time, without any worries of running out of data or slowing speed.


work from home

stress free

Work at home having the confidence to video call whenever you want, and upload or download whatever you need. We’re giving you the freedom to invest more time into your family life, whilst reducing the amount of time you spend burning fuel in the car.

get one up on your mates when gaming 

Be the first of your mates to download the latest updates of your favourite games in seconds, and never miss a shot with the lowest ping in the game! Oh and for you budding streamers and YouTubers the hyper speed upload means excellent stream quality and fast video upload

e-learning made easier

With more online homework for children and online courses for adults, unreliable broadband is the last thing you need! Our Full Fibre Broadband service will be your trusted partner whenever you choose to get in your learning zone.

the perfect match for your smart home

What’s the point of having a smart doorbell, if it takes forever to see who is at your home whilst you’re out? Smart homes are the future, and our symmetrical upload speeds will ensure that your smart devices stay connected.


Fair Contracts

Stress free 24 month contract with no in-contract price rises.

One-Off Setup Charge

Only £29.95!

Price Guarantee 

No special offers or teaser rates, everyone pays the same.

Really Local Support

Local engineers for local people!


In the unlikely event that things go wrong you’re covered.

No Speed Throttling

We never slow down your connection, you’ll get the speed you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are you going to run a new cable to my house?
Yes absolutely, we will be running a Fibre Optic Cable directly to your house.
I was promised Superfast Broadband by my current provider, but get slow speeds, are you using Fibre?
We do not use existing Copper cables to your house, our Full Fibre Broadband does not degrade in speed or drop out 
like existing Copper Based Broadband services currently available to you.
Are you going to dig up the roads/pavements or my driveway or garden?
No. We have a license granted by Openreach where we can use their existing Telegraph Poles and Ducts to run our 
own Fibre Optic cables. We will conduct a survey before installation and if anything is identified we will discuss this 
with you. 
Can I definitely get your service?

Yes, if you have an existing Telephone Line, we can definitely provide you our service.

Will my speeds go up and down like my current Broadband?
No. Our network has been built to offer a Business Class Service to all, therefore your Broadband speeds will not 
fluctuate depending on the time of the day. 
Do I need to have a Landline Telephone?
No, our service does not require a Landline Telephone or rental. Our service does come with a Digital Voice 
Telephone Service called VoIP if you wish to use a Landline. You can also keep your existing Landline Telephone 
number! This service is included in our packages at no extra charge.
Should you have any questions or wish to discuss your requirements, please call us on 0330 135 9663
Why are you asking us to commit to a contract?
As we are drawing down on Government funding, we are required to submit to the Department for Culture, Media & Sport the household registrations for a project in order to obtain funding. Rest assured, should the project not go ahead, all the details of your registration will be deleted, and of course the contract null and void.
When are we likely to get the service installed?
Currently we are at registration stage, which means we are gathering interest in your area. We set a minimum sign-up rate to each project, once this is reached all registered households will be contracted with the steps we are taking along with project installation commencement dates.
What type of router do you provide?
The type of Full Fibre Broadband we will be installing is called XGS-PON, which supports speeds of unto 10Gbps. We have partnered with the equipment manufacturer ADTRAN which supplies other Full Fibre Broadband Providers including British Telecom (BT) This enables us to provide our fastest 1Gbps Broadband Package to our customers with future proof technology for many many years to come. We also provide a Business Grade Dual-Band WiFi Router with integrated VoIP Telephone Ports. 
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